Les Mills live Singapore 2019 – What a ride

Body bike less mills live singapore 2019 FRIDAY NIGHT CYCLE

After months of planning between Denmark, Australia & Singapore, the delivery of 150 BODY BIKE® SMART+ & SMART, in 3 large shipping containers, to the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Centre for Les Mills FRIDAY NIGHT CYCLE on March 22nd was an outstanding success.

The six hour timetable with 6 classes of back to back RPM, SPRINT and THE TRIP created an en-ergy that shook the building as 900 riders from all over Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, the USA & Canada rode their BODY BIKE® SMART Series bike to the latest workouts for fun, for fitness, for love & with friends. There was even a marriage proposal on stage … and she said yes!

indoor cycling les mills singapore

BODY BIKE® OceanIX, manufactured from recycled fishing nets, was centre stage as the lead cycle for every class and was the first time this special bike was seen outside of the BODY BIKE® factory for a live event. The incredible hard work that went on behind the scenes by Les Mills Asia Pacific, BODY BIKE International, BODY BIKE Australia, BODY BIKE Asia and the endless help and support from the Instructors made sure that FRIDAY NIGHT CYCLE became a party to remember…. The standard for 2019 has been set.

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