Ride On is now Ride High

ride high

One year into its life and this new magazine has moved through its infancy and matured into a popular title for indoor cycling operators and instructors alike, packed full of great interviews, news and features.

We’re excited about the journey we’re taking and wanted a name that would better encompass our vision as we move forward.

The result is a shift away from RIDE ON to become RIDE HIGH – a confident, upbeat name that truly resonates with our vision of celebrating the very best of all things indoor cycling. RIDE HIGH is about sharing great ideas and experiences to ensure the indoor cycling sector as a whole continues to Ride High on a wave of popularity.

Rest assured though, only the name has changed. The magazine’s mission remains the same: to champion, in a brand- neutral publication, the very best of indoor cycling across the whole fitness industry. If you have a great story to share, we’d love to hear from you.


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